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We automate processes, not solutions.

 Every company is unique, but almost every business problem can be improved by automation. We can help you analyze and improve processes you have in place or create new ones. We have developed software solutions in different industries that have increased efficiency and raised the bar for performance.

Typical stages of the software development life cycle:

Requirement gathering and analysis Design Implementation or coding Testing Deployment Maintenance

We work with you.

First, we develop a schematic of the proposed solution working with the key users of the system and then develop prototypes of the solution. The prototype is then refined to meet any requirements that have changed since the start of the project. Since we are developing in an internet development arena, we test on all major browser platforms.

After development, the solution is implemented and tested in stages. We go over the new system with key users, provide training and make sure all requirements have been met.

 Mike and his team at Nodus Solutions took time to truly understand what our organization does, how we do it, and how the right system and technology can improve on it. They designed a custom program that fits our unique needs, allows room for growth and works within our budget. Our staff and the school nurses we work with like the ease of the system and the students we serve benefit from it.

 Ekken Efsic, Executive Director of ECFK

The Customer

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Irving Charles Wishnow, Eye Care for Kids (ECFK) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free eye examinations and glasses for low income and uninsured children in the Greater Houston area. Through services at targeted schools and community health fairs, the organization has delivered free vision screening to nearly 100,000 children in grades Pre-K through 12th grade.

The Challenge

ECFK needed to streamline their process of providing free eye exams and eyeglasses to children in need. Before working with Nodus Solutions (NS), ECFK relied on printed applications, fax machines and printed vouchers to process free eye exams and eyeglasses to children in need. The entire process could take weeks as each application physically moved back and forth between school nurses, ECFK, parents and ophthalmologists.

The Solution

NS met with several users of the current system to develop a new work flow that would not only speed up all aspects of the application and payment process, but also extend the program beyond Houston area schools to those throughout Texas.

Using the new system, a nurse identifies a child that needs glasses by logging into the website and starting an application for that student in either English or Spanish. The application is then sent to the parent/guardian via email. Once completed by the parent/guardian the application is sent to ECFK for further processing. If approved the parent/guardian is notified via email and receives up to three reminders via email to utilize the voucher.

The ophthalmologist is assigned using a google map which shows locations for all available ophthalmologists, the child’s school and home. As some ophthalmologists can only take a maximum number of patients per year, only those ophthalmologists that had not reached their maximum are shown on the map. Once the student receives their glasses, the ophthalmologist completes the online form for that student and a transaction is automatically recorded with ECFK. A paper check is then mailed to the ophthalmologist.

The Results

Once the application was completed, a pilot group of three nurses were introduced and trained on the new system. After a short time (one month) of revising the documentation of the system it was rolled out to over 1,500 schools. The new system is faster, more efficient and uses less ECFK resources than the old paper and fax system.

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