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We increase your bottom line.

 How we do it depends on your specific type of business. Are you a medical practice that wants to attract new patients? Are you a car wash that needs new customers? Are you a steel cutting company looking for new clients? We help those patients, customers and clients find your medical practice or car wash or company. All this means more traffic to your business and more earnings growing your bottom line.

We create forgettable user experiences.

Our philosophy is this. We manage your Internet Identity (II). Your web site is simply one aspect of your II. The other aspects of your II are your social media presence, recommendations or reviews, citations, tracked calls, etc. With the introduction of social media and all the new tools for tracking peoples’ activity on the Internet, your company’s II amounts to more than just your website.

We show you the money.

Once we create a strategy for your internet identity and implement SEO changes to your content and backend, we set up traffic and conversion reports using Google Analytics or Omniture. Using a baseline established before the improvements go live, you can actually see your traffic grow day by day.

 Nodus Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our company. Their expertise in all aspects of the internet has helped our practice move from the 20th century, well into the 21st.

 Judith Kutler, CEO of KMG

The Customer

Kaner Medical Group (KMG) offers an array of medical and wellness services that include Family Medicine, Pediatric, Adolescent Healthcare, Men’s Healthcare, Women’s Healthcare, Senior Healthcare, Urgent Care and Internal Medicine. KMG is an independent family medical practice with two facilities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. For over a decade, KMG has provided high quality care in a friendly and welcoming manner.

The Challenge

KMG needed an experienced digital marketing company to help them rethink their online presence to attract new customers and drive referrals. Prior to engaging Nodus Solutions, the KMG website was not responsive and the company did not engage in social media marketing. In effect, they were doing nothing to increase the number of new patients through their advertising efforts.

The Solution

Nodus Solutions created a marketing plan to increase the number of referrals that KMG received from their website. It included the redesign of KMG’s website to improve user experience and add mobile-friendly functionality and social media to attract new clients and boost search engine rankings.

By matching website visits to calls, Nodus Solutions accurately tracked new patients KMG received from this new marketing strategy, allowing KMG to trust they were obtaining results from their investment. Nodus Solutions actively tracks search engine rankings for KMG. When performance falls below expectations, Nodus Solutions creates new web and blog content to target underperforming search terms. This keeps KMG at the top of the search rankings.

Nodus Solutions uses customer reviews to highlight positively or negatively KMG’s interactions with their patients. Any customer with a valid email address is given the opportunity to rate the service they received at either KMG location. If a patient gives a positive review, that patient is then prompted to share that review on social media, helping spread the word about KMG’s service and care. If a patient gives a negative review, that patient is directed to the website to further explain why they had a negative experience. This allows KMG to address those areas of concern personally.

The Results

Nodus Solutions helped KMG exceed their annual revenue goal by 25 percent. KMG’s annual revenue increased by $250,000, far surpassing their goal of $100,000.

Who We Are

Accelerate time to success

From digital business to business transformation, Nodus Solutions provides the speed, agility and confidence to plan and achieve big things for your organization.

First, we make sure to firmly understand objectives. Then we align business, marketing and technology goals and create actionable steps to meet the objectives.

Our enterprise-grade technology stack delivers digital business infrastructure that supports your long term success. Our business consultants help build a customer-centric experience that drives customer engagement.

Together, you and Nodus Solutions can achieve your business goals quickly and effectively.

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