Produts    Marquee du Jour
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Control the message

With Marquee du Jour, Nodus Solutions offers property owners a product to simplify the design, and installation of computerized display systems. It can blend news, stock quotes, weather and other information with customized, property-specific information.

With Marquee du Jour you control the messages your guests are reading. Like other systems, Marquee du Jour gives your guests access to world news, financial information, sports, travel reports and other items of interest.

But, unlike other systems, you control the news, the advertising and customized messages localized for each property location.

Customize your message
You will never see a competitor advertise on your system. But you will see messages like "Welcome XYZ Company" pop-up from 2 PM to 5 PM on the 27th. If guests are in from Atlanta, you can add weather and sports reports from Georgia. And you can schedule all this customization when reservations are booked. Months later our smart system will automatically remember and offer a personalized welcome to your guests.

You're in control
Our smart controls are designed to be as simple to use as a Web page. It's built with robust and reliable Microsoft .NET technology helps you harness the latest Web-technology-and the information that flows to your clients and guests.

Marquee du Jour allows you to easily setup how many sections are on each screen, where and when information will appear, what information appears, the background color or graphics, add custom event information, etc. Whatever information you want your guests to see, Marquee du Jour helps you do it-easily and quickly.