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Our Success depends on our Clients' Success

For over 25 years Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions has provided software for multiple plant design and engineering disciplines. They chose Nodus Solutions to make their online presence as innovative as their software.

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (Formerly COADE) decided to do a major revamp of their web site. They decided to add functionality including a Content Management System (CMS) and specialized application allowing the COADE to register students for online courses and potential new customers to request demonstration software.

We focused first on the Information Architecture (IA) and how to lay out the considerable content needed on the site. Before investing considerable time and money into building the site, we tested the effectiveness of the IA.

This is done by creating a “wireframe” site, which is a skeletal representation of the navigation and other IA elements. Testing involved 20 individuals from various backgrounds who were asked to participate in separate 30 minute sessions.

In each session we ask a series of questions such as "How do you register for a class?" or "How do find more information about Plant Design software?" We observed and measured how the individuals used the IA and navigation to find specific content. Based on this testing, several refinements were made to improve the usability.

To go along with a well designed site, we added the functionality to make it great tool for both COADE and their audience of engineers (not an easy audience to please with great technology.) By implementing the Maia CMS (Nodus Solutions' CMS), COADE could focus on improving their content and serving their engineering customers.

By working with the COADE staff we created a site that is as functional as it is visually distinctive. A site that works for the client, their various audiences and coveys the sense of excellence that made COADE a leader in their industry.