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Why is a Responsive Web Design Necessary?

Nearly a decade ago, a web developer would recommend developing numerous websites to accommodate how your site was being viewed. This system wasn't perfect, but it did help the website to look and function no matter what device was being used.

Responsive web design is no longer debatable. It is essential to keep up in today's world. Google is now prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in its search results algorithm.


 In 2010, Ethan Marcotte published an article on A List Apart discussing the various devices, and he is credited with coining the term "responsive design."

The days for having multiple websites to accommodate devices are over. The days of designing a single website for the desktop screen are also over. Responsive web design is necessary to compete as viewers will move on to the next site if yours does not work or function properly on a smart device.

We are all using responsive website design without even thinking about it. Consider how often you are using a device instead of a laptop or desktop. More than half of website traffic in the US is from mobile devices. Responsive web design is what makes this possible.

A web developer designs and codes a website to provide a positive viewing experience as it responds to a mobile device's screen size. Responsive web design will utilize flexible images, fluid grids and CSS styling to help keep it functioning and looking its best on any device.   


It is essential for your web design to be responsive and to work on a variety of versions as everybody doesn't always have the latest. It takes continuing adapting to keep up and check your website on as many devices as possible to see how it works. Hiring a professional who works hard to stay current with the latest responsive web designs will save you time, frustration and money as your website will be adaptable on nearly anything someone selects to use. There is not a  “magic size.” There are numerous devices still functioning, and model sizes and screen resolutions continue to change.

Responsive web design will provide a positive user experience. It is more than converting the size. It needs to be easy to read as well as provide a seamless function. Flexibility is a crucial factor to keep in mind so each user can have a great experience on any device.



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