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Why Do I Need A Responsive Web Design?

Nearly a decade ago, web design was created for desktop first, and mobile design was an afterthought. In 2010, Google announced that mobile design should be put first. Today, mobile users outnumber desktop users.

A Responsive Web Design Will Perform Better In Search Engines
Today, responsive web design will be prioritized by google, and it needs to provide an excellent online experience for the users. Most people are reliant on smartphones for everything from directions to last-minute lunches to a needed product. A smartphone is more likely to be used to purchase something quickly with a spontaneous decision than it was a year ago.

Easy To Navigate and High Functioning Web Design
A web design with a clean design that is simple to navigate will reduce bounce rates. The responsive web design needs to have easy-to-use contact forms to make it simple for your customer to reach you.

What Is A Responsive Web Design?
A responsive web design visually adapts to whatever screen your audience is using. This mobile-first web design also involves developing, understanding and implementing micro-moments.

What Are Micro-Moments?
Micro-moments are the reason your target audience is using their smartphone to solve a problem and find an answer:
* Need To Know
* Where To Go
* Something To Do
* Need To Buy

Now, Not Later
Today, we are busy and want it all now. In a minute, we think of what we want and search for immediately meeting that need. There's less research, less debate, less comparison, less loyalty, and super quick decisions are made.

Why Do I Need A Responsive Web Design?

There’s many reasons why you need a responsive web design. Your web design needs to provide the answer to your target audience and give them a solution. Capturing the audience in the micro-moments and utilizing a responsive web design can set you ahead of your competition.

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