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Website Development: How Fast is Your Website?

How fast is your website?


Your visitors aren’t going to wait for you, and if your website doesn’t load fast - and we mean as soon as 5 seconds - your visitors might be leaving.

In our society of everything instantly, everyone is less patient and even busier. These Impatient visitors can translate to them not looking for what you are offering if your load time is too slow. This can result in high bounce rates. Billions get abandoned in shopping carts of e-commerce sites each year, and sometimes slow loading checkout pages can be a determining factor.

Research indicates that customers love a speedier website, which is a reason Google takes into account the speed of a site in its rankings too. Low speed means lower rankings for you, and in turn, SEO strategies have gone wrong if speed is impacting your ranking.

On the other hand, a good user experience translates to more user conversions and improved customer loyalty.

Time is Money!

When it comes to the site loading speed, every second does matter.

Yes, you’ve to keep up with your competitors.

Even a slight delay of a few seconds can mean losing out on thousands of users. They can leave your shopping carts, and they can decide to not return to your site again.

This can cause you to lose out on the sales and the chance to build customer relationships.

We must focus on the customer journey. Mobile friendly isn’t an option today. You can increase sales if you have a fast, responsive mobile site. You need a responsive web design, period because everyone uses devices and your site needs to be visible on whatever a person is using.

Make customer journeys’ smoother - people need it to be hiccup-free through the final transaction. Slow pages will scare users away.

Build with the Right CMS

While you do have a good few options when it comes to website development, Wordpress remains the favorite among millions of web owners. Whether it be the ease of setting it up or the fact that you’ve got so many plugins and themes to customize your site, it just syncs in perfectly with project needs. A website developer knows to add code and can enhance even a WordPress based site to be unique for your circumstances.

It’s just a few of the things that you need to focus on to improve your customer engagement and achieve a higher ROI. It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B or a B2B company, you cannot miss out when you make sure your website is fast enough and focus on ingredients like a responsive web design to boost sales.

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