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Is My Search Engine Marketing Working?

In today’s online world, the best way to increase sales is to keep a consistent flow of traffic to your website.

Your business needs to rank high in search results to obtain qualified leads which can result in paying customers. An Internet Marketing company will evaluate your website to be sure it is set up correctly. Search engine marketing will help your website to rank better in organic searches and maintain that ranking.


My traffic dropped


Your website can experience a decrease in organic searches for a variety of reasons. This is a cause for alarm as it can also cause a decrease in traffic and sales. An Internet Marketing company can correctly identify reasons, diagnose the problem and find a resolution promptly to get your website traffic problem going in the correct direction again.


Reasons for Decrease In Traffic

Competition from Other Websites

Your competition may have improved their website and keywords and are now experiencing better results. Stay informed of what your competition is doing so you can stay a step ahead of them.

Lost and broken links

Another common reason for a website ranking dropping is that you have broken or lost links. An Internet Marketing company can analyze and evaluate your website to see if lost and broken links are the cause of your drop. Each backlink and internal link will need to be checked individually and removed or replaced.

Page Speed

The page speed not only impacts your visitors’ experience, but it also affects search engine rankings.

Time on Site

Search engines also view the amount of time someone spends on your site. If they leave too fast, it can be assumed they aren’t finding what they need and it can hurt your search engine ranking.

Wrong keywords or keyword phrases

An Internet Marketing company will help you keep your website relevant. If your website has been online for a while, you may be using keywords that are no longer working. Often, people are using common phrases and conversational sentences to get their answer. Search engines don’t rely only on a few keywords but now rely on casual sentences written with a natural conversational style language. It may be time to work with a search engine marketing specialist at an Internet Marketing company to redefine your strategy, review your keywords and keyword phrases.


Other common reasons you might experience a drop in traffic include:

* Server issues/server overload

* Recent website changes/redesign/broken redirects

* Technical issues/internal navigation

* Meta information

* Duplicate content

* Google penalties

* Bad quality link penalties

* Search engine algorithm changes

* Natural changes in search engines

* Geolocation discrepancies



There are no shortcuts when it comes to search engine marketing. An Internet Marketing company can help you increase your website traffic and maintain better search engine rankings. It is important to keep your strategy updated with the newest and best practices as you succeed in keeping a consistent flow of traffic visiting your website so you can grow your business.

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