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How To Find An SEO Expert

As you begin your search for discovering, selecting, and hiring an SEO Expert, you'll quickly realize it is not the easiest task. You want to be sure that you select one that will be with you long-term to see the SEO strategy through and to help you in all aspects of your SEO marketing.



  • Ask for recommendations throughout your social network. If someone is recommending them, they have hopefully had a good experience with achieving good results. During this discovery stage, do more than a social media post of asking for recommendations. While that can be helpful, it is recommended to talk with people at networking events and any business owners you know who have used SEO services.
  • Look at client reviews and any testimonials available so you will know who they have worked with, the type of work that was completed and what results were obtained.
  • Read various websites and blogs to find an SEO expert that is a good match based on the type of work and SEO services you need.

 As you find an SEO Expert, you’ll want to find the SEO consultant that will be a good fit for your company, your mission, your team and for you.


  • The right SEO consultant will be able to identify various growth opportunities for your company while understanding your traffic and revenue goals. While it is great to simply begin to grow, it is also advisable to set specific goals which will help you be able to measure achievements.
  • A good SEO expert will be truthful with you about the potential increase of traffic and search engine page ranking. Search Engine Optimization and the use of keywords is complex. Your website may not have the link profile authority to rank competitively for the keyword of your choice. The right SEO consultant will be honest and help you identify less competitive keywords and keyword phrases where you can achieve a better ranking success.
  • The right SEO consultant also will discuss the length of time it takes to achieve results. It is a journey and does not happen quickly. You should expect it to take anywhere from three to nine months to see a noticeable difference in traffic growth and search engine ranking. There are a lot of variables which impact the SEO journey.

Hiring Your SEO Expert

  • With thorough research, you will find the right SEO consultant for your needs. As you sign an agreement, be sure there is a cancellation or opt-out policy. It is always important to have an exit strategy if the SEO consulting relationship is not working out. Additionally, you never know when a business may experience a financial setback that forces you to cut back on your expenses even if the SEO Expert is doing great work.
  • Understand the term length and the payment terms of your agreement for SEO Services. Be certain you understand the details of the scope of SEO Services that is going to be provided. Ask question and get clarity to avoid any miscommunication problems.

Discovering and hiring the right SEO Expert will help you gain traffic and improve your SEO results.


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