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Why is a Responsive Web Design Necessary?

Nearly a decade ago, a web developer would recommend developing numerous websites to accommodate how your site was being viewed. This system wasn't perfect, but it did help the website to look and function no matter what device was being used.

Responsive web design is no longer debatable. It is essential to keep up in today's world. Google is now prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in its search results algorithm.


 In 2010, Ethan Marcotte published an article on A List Apart discussing the various devices, and he is credited with coining the term "responsive design."

The days for having multiple websites to accommodate devices are over. The days of designing a single website for the desktop screen are also over. Responsive web design is necessary to compete as viewers will move on to the next site if yours does not work or function properly on a smart device.

We are all using responsive website design without even thinking about it. Consider how often you are using a device instead of a laptop or desktop. More than half of website traffic in the US is from mobile devices. Responsive web design is what makes this possible.

A web developer designs and codes a website to provide a positive viewing experience as it responds to a mobile device's screen size. Responsive web design will utilize flexible images, fluid grids and CSS styling to help keep it functioning and looking its best on any device.   


It is essential for your web design to be responsive and to work on a variety of versions as everybody doesn't always have the latest. It takes continuing adapting to keep up and check your website on as many devices as possible to see how it works. Hiring a professional who works hard to stay current with the latest responsive web designs will save you time, frustration and money as your website will be adaptable on nearly anything someone selects to use. There is not a  “magic size.” There are numerous devices still functioning, and model sizes and screen resolutions continue to change.

Responsive web design will provide a positive user experience. It is more than converting the size. It needs to be easy to read as well as provide a seamless function. Flexibility is a crucial factor to keep in mind so each user can have a great experience on any device.



Is Your Web Design Working For You

We understand that you have great content that will make a difference in the lives of your audience. Maybe you aren’t getting the results you want from your website. We create a web design that will enhance your content to give visitors the excellent website design and function they expect.

If your current web design is not attractive, your audience will not stay on your website long enough to read your content as they won’t engage. Nearly half of all people visiting a site say the web design is an essential factor used to determine the credibility of a business.

Also, because of the use of mobile devices, a responsive website design is crucial and is not something that can be ignored.


To attract and maintain your audience, your business might need to revamp your current web design. If you are beginning a new company, web design will make or break the experience of your target audience. 
Factors To Consider About Web Design

Does your web design function smoothly?
Any function offered in your website needs to work seamlessly. If there are hiccups or quirks in it, stop and get the web design done better, so you don’t lose a customer. People do not take the time for workarounds. Most will never contact you to tell you about a web page or contact form is not working.

Responsive Web Design
If your web design does not function properly on a mobile device, it is time to revamp your website. As you select a website design, having or not having a responsive web design is no longer an option. Your business needs a responsive web design to be competitive as many people shop from their mobile device and most people favor a mobile-friendly web design.
Brand and Image
Your web design and image should be consistent on all platforms. Providing the same message and the same images will help your web design be more effective in getting your message to your audience.


Let your content shine
As mentioned above, web design can enhance your content which should be relevant and fresh. Your content can improve your website’s SEO efforts and conversion rates as well as boosting customer retention rates. The content needs to be quickly discovered on your web design for optimal effectiveness.

Time for a revamp of your web design
If you are not obtaining the results you want and if your customers are not taking the action you want them to take, it could be time to discuss revamping your web design. This discussion should include exploring and discovering the problem. Maybe the call to action buttons are not in the best position or perhaps the checkout process is too complicated. Whatever it is, from a web design taking too long to load to a lack of motivation to your audience, the problem needs to be pinpointed.

In summary, your web design needs to function smoothly and consistently. It needs to deliver results. Your web design also needs to be a responsive web design and provide your audience with trust and the desired content when they visit.

Why Do I Need A Responsive Web Design?

Nearly a decade ago, web design was created for desktop first, and mobile design was an afterthought. In 2010, Google announced that mobile design should be put first. Today, mobile users outnumber desktop users.

A Responsive Web Design Will Perform Better In Search Engines
Today, responsive web design will be prioritized by google, and it needs to provide an excellent online experience for the users. Most people are reliant on smartphones for everything from directions to last-minute lunches to a needed product. A smartphone is more likely to be used to purchase something quickly with a spontaneous decision than it was a year ago.

Easy To Navigate and High Functioning Web Design
A web design with a clean design that is simple to navigate will reduce bounce rates. The responsive web design needs to have easy-to-use contact forms to make it simple for your customer to reach you.

What Is A Responsive Web Design?
A responsive web design visually adapts to whatever screen your audience is using. This mobile-first web design also involves developing, understanding and implementing micro-moments.

What Are Micro-Moments?
Micro-moments are the reason your target audience is using their smartphone to solve a problem and find an answer:
* Need To Know
* Where To Go
* Something To Do
* Need To Buy

Now, Not Later
Today, we are busy and want it all now. In a minute, we think of what we want and search for immediately meeting that need. There's less research, less debate, less comparison, less loyalty, and super quick decisions are made.

Why Do I Need A Responsive Web Design?

There’s many reasons why you need a responsive web design. Your web design needs to provide the answer to your target audience and give them a solution. Capturing the audience in the micro-moments and utilizing a responsive web design can set you ahead of your competition.

The importance of a website design with a strong user experience

User experience continues to be one of the most critical elements of a successful website design. A user-friendly website increases a brand’s effectiveness with customers as well as improving conversions and growing revenue.

Each user on a website needs to have a positive experience obtaining precisely what they were seeking without searching for it. If they cannot find it on a smoothly functioning website design, they will quickly continue their search elsewhere.

Hiring a professional web developer who is experienced with website design is going to help you be able to provide your user with the best experience. A web developer will know which tools to utilize and how to use resources to create a user experience which is positive and can result in them taking the desired action.

Tips on How To Build A User-Friendly Website Design


Know Your Audience
To be able to provide the user with a positive user experience, it is essential to understand your website visitor. Your audience determines the style of your website design, the tone of your text, and the structure of your site.

Easy To Consume

A user-friendly website design is going to provide immediate answers to the problem. Typically, less “marketing” is going to be more as the audience just wants an answer, not to be “sold” something. Explain what you do as quickly as you can.

Simple Navigation
If possible, minimize choices and make the sections flow. Keep it simple and easy for your user's journey on the website. Most consumers will not return to a website where they have had a bad experience. 

Keep it simple

Your website design and user experience are crucial. The words selected to use on your website is going to make a difference. People visit many sites, and your message needs to speak directly on solving their problem or improving their lives.

Responsive Web Design
A responsive web design is crucial for user experience and will adapt easily depending on what medium is being used to search. Most consumers will immediately move onto another website if they experience one that is not displaying correctly on their device.

Your website design needs to give your audience the content they need easily and quickly. A great website design will also be effectively optimized while providing a positive user experience, so they never feel the need to move on to your competitor.

The Basics Of Responsive Web Design

Your Business Card

Business cards are still a great tool, and every legitimate business needs one. However, you need an appealing, functional and up-to-date web design since your website is your online business card. For many companies, your initial introduction and impression are from your website.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Your web design must be functional, attractive and easy to navigate on any device accessing the internet, in any window and on any screen size. The web design is responsive without any errors and is user-friendly. This is a responsive web design, and it lets you browse the internet on various devices with nearly the same function, features, and speed.

Do You Need A Responsive Web Design?

Because we all use our cell phones, tablets, and laptops more than we use traditional desktop computers, it is essential to have a responsive web design that will function and look great despite the device or screen size. As you plan your web design, remember to discuss that it must be responsive. This is no longer an optional feature because of how much we depend on finding answers quickly online and using whatever device is available.



Benefits of Responsive Web Design

An advantage of a good responsive web design that loads quickly and correctly can increase your rankings on search engines. This can increase the organic traffic to your website as well as conversion rates.
The conversion rate from your website increases when you have a well-developed responsive web design which is user-friendly, easy to navigate and responsive on any device. You get more traffic on your website than when your site was not able to function or be seen correctly on screens of any size.

Web design demands continuing changes and customizations. Additionally, because of our mobility and the need to always have access to the internet, having a responsive web design is critical otherwise you may increase your bounce rate and damage your brand reputation.